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I dislike it when friends assume that I have to do things for them AT THEIR CONVENIENCE just because...

I mean, if you want something from me, come to me to get it. And not expecting me to come to you...


Yesterday was just a PISS ME OFF day.

Had to wake up early to bring Beetle to be fixed. It's left signal was not lighting and that is a very dangerous hazard. And it's screeching brakes have been a nuisance since day 1. Yesterday was the THIRD time that we got it fixed and we got really pissed off when the technician said that MOST beetles have the same problem!! Should they not rectify the problem before selling it? Are they trying to tell me that they have inferior quality parts?? And they had the cheek to say that it could be because of our braking techniques, saying that we had to PRESS ON THE BRAKE HARD...I mean, if I had wanted to do that, I would have freakin gotten a Japanese car instead of a German one!! Idiots! If the screeching noise comes up again, I am sure to feedback to their Manager. Bozos...

WTH! I just received a msg from the salesperson who sold us Beetle telling us that COE is the lowest now and we can consider buying other cars! For starters, I am NOT GOING TO EVER buy a Volkswagon again. Even if I wanted to buy a Volkswagon, I am not going to buy it from him! NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL!! All he cares about is his bloody commission. Definitely a BMW next. All other cars suck ...Even the Mercs C180 is not up to par with the BMW.

Anyway, after having to wake up so early, I was already in a moody state. I went back to Harvey Norman to get my laptop skin fixed. I had bought a Garskin one day earlier and this China salesperson told me that the person who can do it nicely for me was not around that day, so I went back yesterday and guess what this idiot told me??? He said that the person was actually there the day before but not yesterday!!! He said he FORGOT who was on shift with him!!!??? Fish! What an idiot! So he then proceeded to help me with it. If I had known he sucked, I wouldn't have allowed him to touch my laptop.

Now the skin is not cut properly, slanted to a side and has bubbles....I mean, what an idiot!!!!! arghh!! I am going back today to speak to their manager. They better change a new piece for me.

If that is not enough, ppl on the roads are really getting quite terrible in driving. I can be happily keeping to my lane and have MALE drivers cutting into my lane like they have the right to. AND at such dangerous distances!!! If I am not alert, I would definitely have crashed into them...My goodness Singapore!!, Switch back to manual tests instead of automatic ones!! And stop letting them pass when they haven't learnt how to drive properly! This is surely not the best way to earn money from ERP??? Definitely putting our lives in danger on the roads....


If I had known any better, yesterday COULD have been a great day. If I looked at it from another perspective, Beetle acting up now could mean I might be getting a new car soon..:PP

And the China guy destroying the face of my laptop could mean a new laptop!!

And what about the dangerous driving on the roads...?? Maybe just maybe it's telling me to move abroad as fast as I can get where the roads are huge and ppl are more courteous on the roads...

I hope...


a friend called to say she is going into hospital for a check up due to perhaps a kidney infection...

a friend says she finds it hard to believe others now that a close person was found having one feet in each boat...

sometimes life is unpredictable.

sometimes we have to face things as they come and stand up to it.

sometimes we need to be brave. And never forget to believe. For that is the power of life.

Eastcoast Glee!

Last weekend hubby and I decided on the spur of the moment to head to East Coast for a while...it seems that after marriage we tend to stay home and relax on weekends and I wanted to do something more spontaneous once in a while.

So we drove Beetle to East Coast to rent bicycles and rode around the the stretch :P When we turned into the East Coast area though, we saw the huge Carl's Junior star staring at us and as I turned to hubby, we both laughed as we knew what we wanted first.

But to diminish the guilt we would have for taking on such greasy and fattening food, we decided to rent bicycles from a bit away and ride to Carl's Junior. Well, at least we would have done some exercise before we embarked on our journey through the fries and burgers.

So here lies the pics of the oh so delicious portobello mushroom burger and super duper large fries!! haha...As it was a first for hubby at Carl's, he was quite impressed with the food and portions of course. But most importantly, he was impressed with the prices! So expensive it seems haha...both of us shared a meal as you can expect, as this wasn't dinner, it was a SNACK! arghhH!!!

So anyway,after that we cycled along the beach and noticed that everyone seemed to be having tents there, lots of ppl BBQing (which I want to do really soon at East Coast!) and bladers everywhere...There is this new sport also, which is something like a skateboard but is detached in the middle and sways from front to back in order for the person to move. Can't remember what it is called though. But I find it really a weird new sport haha...

Halfway through our journey though, hubby's bicycle got a tyre punctured by some nail and he had to walk the bicycle back to the hut! I on the other hand was cycling in circles so I could accompany him along the way. If you are ever in this situation, pls just call get the 'ambulance" bec they do have that service!. We didn't know till we reached base, so silly eh??? But they kindly extended our cycling hours, so we continued to the other side where the pier and the restaurants were.

We never leave East Coast without eating New Zealand's ice cream!! So here we are enjoying some nice yummy ice cream..

Looking forward to more fun each week!!

Japan Photos!

OKies, so it's easier to post photos on facebook

so here they are , if u haven't already seen them...

Made Prawn noodles yesterday for dinner, but added too much water and the taste wasn't strong enough :P but still delicious !!!

And i'm making Beef rendang now...hope it turns out yummy!!!!

Happy News!!

Just met up with Becky and Angela yester for dinner :P Was good reminiscing and sharing new stuff. Plus Becky is getting married in 2 weeks and will be attending her wedding at Rasa Sentosa!!

Jinying has also given birth to her second child, a boy named Aiden :P Congrats gal!!

A busy week is about to end, and another busier one ahead, but all in the name of the future!

And yes, I won't forget to enjoy the present too!!! Happy friday everyone!


Was at Vivocity yesterday and again I bought new clothes :PPPP

Shucks...kinda spent a lot last month, so have to curb the spending this month ...Xmas is coming, better save more for gifts!!

Random Posts from the weeks!

I guess it's winter now as it's nearing the end of the yr and nearing xmas :P hence the change in theme :P

anyway, here are random posts and photos from the past few weeks :P

Went to Shokudo at Raffles City with hubby on Wed's holiday. It's a japanese marche concept and was pretty interesting :P We walked around a bit and found that there were the usual japanese choices like ramen, shashimi, hot pot etc....

Hence, we decided to try some good food that weren't easily found in other restaurants (or those that we have yet to try!) and they all turned out pretty good :P

This is the green tea macha - green tea powder with milk. I jokingly asked the gal selling the drink whether the milk is from China. She was stunned for a moment and didn't reply me, giving me that weird look. heh

Seafood fried rice with crab meat. See that red thing on top of the rice....THAT is the crab meat. WTH!! But then again, it tasted quite nice...

Beef tenderloin tepenyaki :P I tell you, it's the sauce that makes it sooo good :PP yum!

Fried Oysters !!!!!! To die for!!! If you love oysters that is :PP

On another occasion, was enjoying some champagne at home with hubby while watching some show (can't recall what show though).

And here are shots from East Coast Sushi Tei :P

Further back into the weeks, I met up my tuition kid to pass her the long awaited gift that I prepared for her to celebrate her graduating O levels...Yes, that was like last yr lor!!

And that weird gal had this handphone pouch...A duh!!!

And before that..I met up with a friend of mine who decided to get a PET as a bday gift for a female friend...and I was dragged along to buy the gift with him....FIRST TIME in my life buying a pet as a gift...apparently, same for him hahha

Oh well...that ends up the many happenings in a single blog :PP

Chat box

Finally managed to figure out how to use chat box on livejournal...

There is a link to the left of the page, under My Personal Photos...

You can click on that to go directly to the chat box page ya??


Same as this link here....

So if you don't want to comment here, can always chat there ba :P

Sharon, for you only hahhahaha

Hallowen at ROSTI...coming in October!!!

Check out www.rosti.com.sg for more treats!!